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REGISTER with Life Changes Today, LLC by having a "primary contact" of your Organization work closely with our LCT Representative. The only information required is a roster of all participating members of your Organization along with an email address of one parent/guardian of each participating member. This roster can be submitted in any format, but preferably in either a MS Word document or an Excel Spreadsheet.

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The parent/guardian of each participating member will receive an "instructional email" from Life Changes Today, LLC with a Fundraiser Identification Number (FID#) and a 3-digit Member No. that uniquely identifies your Organization and their child along with instructions on how to "DOWNLOAD" the incredible "LCT app" which will drive the LCT FUNDRAISER.

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The LCT APP saves so much time when participating in the LCT FUNDRAISER

The parent/guardian of each participating member will visit the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android) and "DOWNLOAD" the "LCT app" by searching for "Life Changes Today, LCT".  As per the "email instructions" - enter the unique FID# and Member Number for their own child into the "LCT app" making them ready to promote the LCT FUNDRAISER to their family, relatives, friends, work colleagues and neighbors anywhere across the entire USA simply by keying in each email address into the "LCT app".  

There is no limit on who (Mom, Dad, your participating child and more) can "DOWNLOAD" the "LCT app" with the unique FID# and Member No. to assist with promoting the LCT FUNDRAISER on behalf of each participating child.  

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Within literally 5-10 minutes, each participating member can have 20, 25 or more potential Donors in receipt of a customized email promoting the LCT FUNDRAISER on behalf of your Organization and each member via the "LCT  app".   Once each parent and/or guardian enters their own 'Email Address' into the "LCT app", they will receive the customized promotional LCT FUNDRAISER email in their inbox - specifically from their child.  They can then send the promotional LCT FUNDRAISER email to their family members, relatives, friends, work colleagues and neighbors from either the "LCT app" or by simply forwarding it from their own email. 

Sending Email Campaigns to potential Donors is EASY using the LCT APP
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After sending the promotional emails - we strongly recommend following up with a short text  -or-  a quick call letting each potential donor know that they have been sent an email regarding the LCT FUNDRAISER and their support would be much appreciated.  Ask them to check in their "JUNK FOLDER" in their email account just in case the LCT FUNDRAISER customized email does not show up in their INBOX.  

The customized email explains "everything" for them to become a Donor! 

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