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Life Changes Today, LLC has spent two years researching, designing and configuring an automated platform driven by technology to create the most profitable, productive and efficient Fundraiser for which ALL benefit.   Life Changes Today, LLC collaborated with School Administrators, Booster Officers, Coaches & Directors, Marketing & Sales Consultants and most importantly, many parents/guardians of students and utilized their valued input to create the LCT FUNDRAISER which will forever revolutionize your fundraising!   

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The seamless integrated technology-driven platform of the LCT FUNDRAISER takes nearly ALL the work, time and effort away from your Organization and the parents/guardians of your members while providing Donors tremendous value in exchange for their contributions.  While facilitating the efficiencies of working smarter and working faster, the LCT FUNDRAISER will enable you to set record-levels of FUNDRAISING!   

LCT FUNDRAISER - Fully automated Fundraiser
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A Corporate Representative of Life Changes Today, LLC will work directly with your Organization in order to create a “Win-Win” for ALL involved by providing comprehensive fundraising management services and support. By using predictive analytics, a sophisticated donor relations management system, streamlined business processes inclusive of a smartphone "LCT app" - Life Changes Today, LLC has created a speed of execution to ensure that your Fundraising Goals are not only met, but exceeded. 

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Throughout the short, one-week Initial Fundraising Drive, the "LCT app" will allow unlimited individuals to assist each participating member of your Organization with their fundraising efforts.   By downloading the "LCT app" on any smartphone, entering the unique Fundraiser Identification No. (FID#) and the Member No. and by simply entering email addresses of potential donors - a customized email defining the LCT FUNDRAISER for  your Organization will automatically be sent . . . from anywhere . . . at any time. 

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The customized promotional email automatically sent to potential donors will clearly define the LCT FUNDRAISER.  It will also enable you to complement all your existing engagement strategies by giving you a platform to easily communicate a "customized" message about your Organization to an expanded audience.  This technology will break down all geographic barriers, from which most Fundraisers are constrained, and will enable family, relatives, work colleagues, neighbors and friends to become Donors by supporting your fundraising efforts from anywhere across the U.S.A. by utilizing this innovative "LCT app".

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LCT FUNDRAISER - Online Shopping Experience

informing them of your overall success with the LCT FUNDRAISER while again, saying "THANK YOU".  These strategies will engage and connect Donors with your Organization and its members - resulting in  continued support from Donors through the automated retention and cross-selling strategies  by generating  fundraising for your Organization year-round. 

The Online Store of Life Changes Today, LLC is just one click away for your Donors to take advantage of purchasing a healthier alternative in the #1 SELLING all-natural, organic IASO™ Tea and/or IASO™ Café Delgada Slimming Coffee, while at the same time, $10.00 of each purchase becomes a donation for your Organization. With each purchase, $10 is then tied to individual members of your Organization associated with each Donor making all aspects of the data management of the LCT FUNDRAISER done for you! 

It is also important to note - there is NO MARK UP in pricing as with many other fundraisers.

And there is NO RISK for the Donors as the IASO Tea and the IASO DELGADA Coffee, as with ALL of the TLC Products, come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! 

Your customized email appeal can express your Fundraising Goals and how the funds will be utilized while sharing with your potential donors the successes of your Organization and its impact on your members. 

In addition, automated responses to each Donor are sent expressing gratitude for the Donors' support.

Follow-up emails are automatically sent to each Donor at the conclusion of the Initial Fundraising Drive

30-Day Money Back Guarantee.png

Click here to learn more about the TLC 30-Day Refund Policy

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IMPORTANT:  All data collection as part of the LCT FUNDRAISER is used only for the sole purpose of the LCT FUNDRAISER and is protected by the PRIVACY & SECURITY POLICY of both Life Changes Today, LLC and Total Life Changes, LLC.  

With coffee and tea being the most widely consumed beverages in the U.S.A. next to water, just about EVERYONE is a potential Donor.  It's an easy pitch . . .

Would you be willing to try a healthier TEA  or a healthier COFFEE for five weeks, to replace what you are drinking today . . . for which you will receive many well-documented health benefits?  With your purchase,  $10.00  will go toward helping our students in our Organization! 

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The Online Store associated with Life Changes Today, LLC and the LCT FUNDRAISER provides direct shipping to your Donors which means your Organization has no responsibilities with any aspect of the Supply Chain logistics.  There will be NO Pick-Up Days, NO Shipping, NO Receiving, NO Separating, NO Sorting, NO Deliveries, NO Order Forms, NO Reconciliation and NO HEADACHES! 

The Online Store with the integrated database of the LCT FUNDRAISER manages the transactions with your Donors which means your Organization has no responsibilities with any aspect of Cash Management. There will be NO students handling money, NO Collection of Cash, NO Processing of Credit Cards, NO Processing of Checks, NO Accounting, NO Reconciliation and NO HEADACHES!  

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Additionally, the integrated database manages the information data flow on behalf of your Organization pertaining to the LCT FUNDRAISER.  Every order . . . by each Donor . . .  is tracked and linked to each participating member of your Organization and is documented in the detailed reporting which identifies every dollar raised by each member of your Organization.  Both summary and detailed reporting will be furnished to your Organization by Life Changes Today, LLC along with a single disbursement check after the Initial Fundraising Drive for all funds raised.  ALL YOUR FUNDRAISING REPORTING IS DONE FOR YOU!  Similarly, summary and detailed reporting will accompany disbursement checks throughout the remaining retention and cross-selling facets of the LCT FUNDRAISER for an entire year of fundraising. 

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A Marketing Campaign with automated and scheduled Emails will be sent to Donors facilitating their continued use of the TLC products already purchased while introducing them to other TLC products that will benefit the Donors in the areas of health and wellness, weight management, energy and longevity as well as beauty and skin care.  These automated campaigns will also provide the Donors a brief update of the success of the Initial Fundraising Drive for your Organization while expressing gratitude for their participation in the LCT FUNDRAISER.  For example, the timing of the initial retention email campaign will be 27 days after the Donor’s initial Order Date promoting the Donor’s continued use resulting with increased and sustained health benefits.  Many other automated campaigns are scheduled throughout the year to create a steady stream of fundraising with retention strategies, cross-selling strategies and new acquisitions strategies in order to optimize and elevate fundraising efforts for your Organization.  Learn all about the strategies built in to the LCT FUNDRAISER to facilitate year-round Fundraising

Six weeks prior to the anniversary of your Initial Fundraising Drive, your LCT Representative will engage with the "primary contact" of your Organization to REGISTER for another successful year of the LCT FUNDRAISING!  The analytics built into the Donor Relations Management module of the LCT FUNDRAISER with a specific focus on Donor retention and new Donor acquisition will ultimately create fundraising growth each and every year. 

Life Changes Today, LLC contributes  10%  of every dollar raised to your Organization!

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Whereas other fundraisers that offer a technology-driven, automated platform take a significant percentage (as much as 25% to 30%) of your fundraising dollars as a fee . . . Life Changes Today, LLC charges you no fees and takes ZERO percentage of your fundraising dollars earned.   Instead, Life Changes Today, LLC shares in your focus of philanthropic service by making charitable contributions equal to 10% of every dollar raised to your Organization throughout every facet of the LCT FUNDRAISER. 


Life Changes Today, LLC contributes 10%, up to  55%, of every dollar raised as part of an

during the Initial Fundraising Drive! 

The LCT CHALLENGE is designed for two (2), three (3) or up to as many as (10) Organizations agreeing to participate in their own LCT FUNDRAISER as part of a competition which will increase their energy, excitement and more importantly - increase the profitability of each respective LCT FUNDRAISER!   Life Changes Today, LLC will increase its MATCHING CONTRIBUTIONS for all participants in the LCT CHALLENGE based on the number of competing Organizations and where each Organization RANKS upon the conclusion of their respective Initial Fundraising Drive!   

Elevated Matching Contributions 2.png

The MORE Organizations participating in each LCT CHALLENGE . . . the HIGHER the PERCENTAGE of MATCHING CONTRIBUTIONS!  Click here to learn all about the LCT CHALLENGE!

The results of the LCT CHALLENGE will be based on the COMPETITIVE RANKINGS which will be determined by the HIGHEST AVERAGE NUMBER OF DONORS per MEMBER for each participating Organization . . . in order to make the LCT CHALLENGE equitable and fair.  Since each Organization would have a different number of team members participating, the Amount of MONEY raised would not be an equitable measure to RANK and COMPARE fundraiser success for the Initial Drives in the LCT CHALLENGE.


Additionally, the LCT CHALLENGE will match contributions according to the ESCALATING COMPETITIVE PERCENTAGES for the INITIAL FUNDRAISING DRIVE ONLY!  The ongoing funds raised through both retention strategies and cross-selling strategies over the balance of one year by all participating Organizations will receive matching contributions from Life Changes Today, LLC  at a rate of 10% of all additional funds raised after their respective Initial Fundraising Drives. 

Ind Incentive Awards - 2.jpg
Individual Incentives handwriting.jpg

Life Changes Today, LLC will fund Individual Incentive Awards for the three (3) up to six (6) top performing participating members of your Organization, which will be determined on total number of Donors per member during the Initial Fundraising Drive.  The total sum of all the Individual Incentive Awards will be equal to 10% of the funds raised during the Initial Fundraising Drive, not to exceed $1,000.00 in total. The top three (3) performers can earn up to a $500.00, $300.00 or a $200.00 Online Gift Certificate from Dick’s Sporting Goods. 

Individual Incentive Awards earned for the LCT FUNDRAISER come as Online Gift Cards
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