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to ELEVATE Fundraising by increasing Matching Contributions from 10% up to as much as 55%

The LCT CHALLENGE is designed for two (2), three (3) or up to as many as (10) Organizations agreeing to participate in their own LCT FUNDRAISER as part of a “COMPETITION” which will increase the energy, excitement and more importantly . . . increase the profitability of each respective LCT FUNDRAISER!  Life Changes Today, LLC will increase its MATCHING CONTRIBUTIONS for all participants in the LCT CHALLENGE based on two factors:

  1. the number of competing Organizations in your respective LCT CHALLENGE and

  2. each Organization’s “competitive ranking” at the conclusion of the LCT CHALLENGE.

CLICK HERE to Calculate your Potential Fundraising Levels by participating in an upcoming LCT CHALLENGE! 

The MORE Organizations participating in each LCT CHALLENGE . . . the HIGHER the PERCENTAGE of MATCHING CONTRIBUTIONS! 

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Click "PLAY" to understand the REMARKABLE BENEFITS of participating in an upcoming LCT CHALLENGE

The results of the LCT CHALLENGE will be based on the COMPETITIVE RANKINGS which will be determined by the HIGHEST AVERAGE NUMBER OF DONORS per MEMBER for each participating Organization . . . in order to make the LCT CHALLENGE equitable and fair.  Since each Organization would have a different number of members participating, the Amount of MONEY raised would not be an equitable measure to RANK and COMPARE fundraiser success for the Initial Drives in the LCT CHALLENGE.

Additionally, the LCT CHALLENGE will match contributions according to the ESCALATING COMPETITIVE PERCENTAGES for the INITIAL FUNDRAISING DRIVE ONLY!  The ongoing funds raised through both retention strategies and cross-selling strategies over the balance of one year by all participating Organizations will receive matching contributions from Life Changes Today, LLC  at a rate of 10% of all additional funds raised after their respective Initial Fundraising Drives. 

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