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Individual Incentive Awards

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With each LCT FUNDRAISER conducted, whether independent of . . . or . . .  as part of an LCT CHALLENGE, Life Changes Today, LLC will incentivize the participating members of your Organization with Individual Incentive Awards for your Top Performers during the Initial Fundraising Drive.   

Life Changes Today, LLC will furnish the Individual Incentive Awards equal to 10% of the Total Funds Raised during the Initial Fundraising Drive . . . UP TO $1,000.00 IN TOTAL . . .  as AWARDS to the Top Performers in the form of Online Gift Cards from DICK'S SPORTING GOODS.  These Individual Incentive Awards are separate from, and in addition to, the standard 10% Matching Contribution of the total funds raised during the Initial Fundraising Drive - also furnished by Life Changes Today, LLC! The Individual Incentive Awards will be awarded to either the Top three (3) up to the Top six (6) Performers as determined by your Organization. 

LCT Fundraiser Individual Incentive Awards to DICK'S SPORTING GOODS

Take advantage of the LCT FUNDRAISER Calculator below to "project" your Organizations fundraising potential based on entering in your Total Number of Members in your Organization, a target number of Donors per Member to calculate the projected Total Amount Raised during the Initial Fundraising Drive, but also . . . by selecting the Total Number of Individual Incentive Awards equal to "3", "4", "5" or "6" . . . you will be able to determine how your Organization would prefer to motivate your participating Members with your Individual Incentive Awards.   

NOTE:  CALCULATOR for Individual Incentive Awards available on PC-version of web site ONLY

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