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Basketball Coach - Incentive

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Life Changes Today, LLC is offering a BONUS INCENTIVE for all Basketball Coaches that participate in the LCT FUNDRAISER!  

As part of the incredible LCT FUNDRAISER, your Basketball Teams will elevate your fundraising necessary to support your successful basketball program.  In addition, Life Changes Today, LLC has incorporated a Coach’s Incentive Award in a “priceless” resource to help improve all aspects of your program.  With over two decades of coaching basketball and creating successful concepts, philosophies and set plays for ever-changing, diverse compliments of talent - Coach Jay Monahan (Founder and CEO of Life Changes Today, LLC) has decided to incorporate this
166-PAGE PLAYBOOK” for basketball coaches of the Teams that choose to take advantage and participate in the LCT FUNDRAISER.

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DOWNLOAD two (2) SAMPLE PLAYS from the 


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CH 1 - Handoff (2).pdf.png
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CLICK on the VIDEO below for an OVERVIEW of the LCT PLAYBOOK 

Overview of the LCT Basketball Playbook
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